CMidas Financial.

Data-driven algorithms applied to quantitative trading and financial modeling.

This passion project helps investors make informed decisions by providing real-time data-driven market projections. Free of charge.

Our users are investors looking for an additional edge when trading derivatives in short-term periods. We strive to bring to our users state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms previously available only to research groups to give you better insight into:

  • Political and market sentiment analysis based on live news from multiple sources in the United States.
  • Real-time market projections and visualization of the current dynamics of the derivatives market.
  • Option trading opportunities with a high probability of success, given the current market scenario.

Our team is formed by experts in artificial intelligence research and quantitative trading and is passionate about digging high-signal models from noisy financial data. See for yourself in your live dashboard!

Our principles:

Focus on the end-result: the alpha.

Every data sample we process, every line of code we write, every decision we make, it all has a single purpose: transform noisy financial data in trading strategies that generate alpha.

Data-driven decision-making.

Data speaks, and we listen. Combining state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to classical statistical modeling, our data-driven algorithms process real-world market and alternative data to suggest potential trading opportunities.

Precise and timely execution.

Financial systems are not static, neither are our models. All our quantitative analysis and financial forecasts are updated at every few seconds, from pre to post-market sessions. We believe accurate modeling is nothing without timely execution.


What Do We Do

Financial Visualization Tools

From Aristotle, "All men by nature desire to know". Financial markets are complex beasts and it is difficult to create an intuition for them from numbers alone. Our visualization tools aggregating combining derivatives market and alternative data will give you a better understanding of the current market scenario and its dynamics.

Market Forecasts

Live dashboard with market projections and news sentiment analysis. All projections are updated at every few seconds, from pre to post-market sessions.

Quantitative Trading

Not sure how to best leverage our projections? We got you. Our options trading recommendation system distils this information and offers you select strategies with high probability of success. [Currently being tested internally]

See for yourself our real-time projections in the live dashboard:


CMidas Financial in a nutshell:

Distilling high-signal models from noisy financial data to better inform you before any trading decision.


Data samples, on average, from multiple stock symbols collected and processed daily.


Market projections and news sentiment generated and analysed daily.


Years of experience of combined artificial intelligence research and quantitative trading.


Goal: to help you achieve the highest returns on your investments, in any market scenario.


Check our Team

Vinicius Guimaraes Goecks, Ph.D.

Founder, Lead Developer

Lucieni Saldanha


Alice Fixer

Robotic Resources


Sales and Forecasting


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